Commercial Roofing Maintenance: Here’s How To Extend The Lifespan of Your Roof

I’ve seen my fair share of commercial roofs throwing in the towel way too early. It’s like they decide to pack up and leave without any notice. And let me tell you, it’s usually because they’ve been ignored for too long.

Regular check-ups and a bit of care can go a long way when you need a roof to last. Think of it as taking your dog for a walk—it needs to happen regularly, or you’ll both end up with a mess on your hands.

Remember, every roof has its day, but you don’t want your commercial roof calling it quits sooner than expected causing lost business, revenue, and repair costs. This is where proper commercial roof maintenance can help.

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I’ve seen it firsthand—roofs caving before their time because someone thought “out of sight, out of mind” was a good strategy. Spoiler alert: it isn’t. Regular maintenance is the secret ingredient to keeping your roof strong and sturdy for the long haul.

So, let’s keep those roofs over our heads by showing them a bit of love, shall we? Trust me, a bit of care now saves a ton of trouble later.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance: Here’s How To Extend The Lifespan of Your Roof

Of course commercial roofs are built to be very durable to protect your commercial building from various amounts of harsh weather and such, however that doesn’t mean they won’t ever encounter any types of problems. Lack of a proper maintenance plan and implementation will cause your commercial roof to have plenty of problems and potentially need a new roof replacement before the end of its lifespan, so keeping up with proper maintenance will give it the longest life possible.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance: Here’s How To Extend The Lifespan of Your Roof

Keep Your Commercial Roof Clean

Commercial roofs are typically pretty large in comparison, so there’s no doubt that they can get dirty from debris and trash. This can cause various issues such as water damage, roof leaks, and clogged up drains. Proper preventative maintenance such as cleaning your commercial roofing system regularly will help prevent any of these issues happening which will prolong the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Schedule Roofing Inspections by a Qualified Roofing Contractor

Investing in a professional commercial roofer to inspect your commercial roof can help find issues that could be unseen by someone who doesn’t know what exactly they’re looking for. This is always a great way to tell if your commercial roof is in the best condition to continue protecting your commercial building. Inspections should be done twice a year, however it may be beneficial if you invest in them after major storms hit.

Some roofing contractors will also have a roof maintenance program available which you can sign up for routine roof inspections on your roof. Having a roof maintenance plan in place can help you get roof repairs faster.

Inspect Your Commercial Roof After Harsh Storms

Like we stated above, it’s beneficial if you get inspections done by professional roofers after harsh storms, however it’s not always necessary. If you decide to inspect your commercial roof yourself after any harsh storms, then you’ll be able to find out if any problems have occurred from the storm. If there’s problems on your commercial roof, then have them repaired quickly to avoid any further damage that may occur if you leave it unattended.

Some damage from storms will be obvious such as fallen objects on the roof, while others may only show up later as a roof leak. In any case, if you decide to inspect the roof yourself and notice any problems, getting a repair service done on the roof systems that have damage quickly is advised.

Never Put Off Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are never a good sign, if your commercial roof ever has a roof leak, then commercial roofing repair as soon as possible will help you greatly in the long run. If roof leaks are left unattended, they just become worse and worse. This can damage your commercial buildings structure. If water was to hit electrical wiring in your commercial building, then there’s a chance a fire could outbreak which would cost you way more than just getting it fixed right away when it occurs.

Try Not To Walk On Your Commercial Roof

Walking on your commercial roof can cause damage after a while, if you walk on your commercial roof with aggressive types of soles on your shoes, then there’s a chance you could puncture your roofs membranes and cause problems. If you want to extend your commercial roofs lifespan, then try to not walk on it too much.

Having a preventative maintenance program that routinely checks the roof for problems is great but over time, this can lead to damage on some roofing systems.

Don’t Let Snow Sit on the Roof

It’s Winter so snow can be pretty common for some areas, if you’re experiencing snow in your area then don’t allow snow to sit on your commercial roof especially if it’s a metal roof. Hiring a professional to clear it off will help prevent a lot of problems such as ice dams, roof leaks, and others. Snow can be very heavy as well, so your commercial roof could experience sagging areas or strain due to the snow buildup, so cleaning off the snow will help allow it to function properly.

Commercial roofs need plenty of care and maintenance to remain in a healthy state, so never neglect keeping up with your commercial roofs needs. If there’s problems, then getting them fixed quickly will help bring it back to a healthy condition. Extending the life of your commercial roof is easily done if you’re willing to put in the time and care that it needs to keep protecting your commercial roof against harsh weathers and elements for great asset management.

Commercial Roof Problems: What You Need To Know

When it comes to commercial roofs, they can be pretty durable and fend off from lots of dangerous aspects, however they do encounter problems that need to be resolved in order to keep protecting your building from these certain dangers. If you’re one of the many building owners that have a commercial building and think your commercial roof has a problem, the best way to know is by contacting a professional roofing company to come check it out, that way you know for sure if your commercial roof has a problem that needs work or not.

Of course contacting a professional roofing company isn’t your only option to finding problems when doing commercial roof maintenance. One of the services from quality roofing contractors is a roof inspection. A good roof inspection should be done regularly to find issues and problems like these before they escalate into something much worse.

If you notice any of these problems on this list, then it’s highly advised that you contact a professional roofing company about it and have it repaired quickly as not doing so could result in more damage that may even get to the point where you have to have a whole commercial roof replacement done.

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Debris On Your Commercial Roof

Debris can accumulate on your commercial roof pretty easily depending on the area that it’s in, things like cardboard boxes and left over garbage can find its way on top of your commercial roof. This can cause a few problems, one being that certain debris can hold moisture that gets trapped in it, this can cause your commercial roof to become water damaged and even spring a roof leak. Debris that traps moisture can also damage your commercial roofing materials and shorten their lifespan by deteriorating, so cleaning off your commercial roof will prevent this from happening.

Nearing The End Of Its Lifespan

Every roof has an estimated lifespan that can be shortened due to lack of maintenance and constant problems. If you’re worried about your roof having problems that occur over and over again, it could mean that it’s time for a new commercial roof replacement to happen, as once they reach the end of their lifespan, you can expect plenty of problems to occur without notice. This can get expensive to keep having repairs done, so it may be your best bet to have it replaced.

Formed Pools Of Water

If your commercial roof is flat, then sagging spots could occur in your commercial roof. This can allow water to form a pool and stay there longer than other spots that get evaporated quicker. If you notice forming pools of water on your roof, then this is a problem that can turn bad quickly, water that just sits there could cause your roofing material to begin deteriorating and cause a roof leak to happen. Contacting a professional commercial roofer to come out and inspect your roof thoroughly and have it repaired can prevent any major damages from happening to your commercial roof.

Your Commercial Roof Is Punctured

Commercial roofs can be punctured pretty easily if you’re not careful, people walking on your commercial roof with no knowledge of this can easily step too hard or have rough shoes that can cause punctures. This can cause a roof leak to occur and would need to be repaired before it becomes worse.

Improper Flashing Installation

Flashing needs to be installed properly around HVAC systems on your commercial roof to not allow water to seep in and cause a roof leak, however if they’re installed improperly, you could find yourself with plenty of leaks on your commercial roof. Inspecting your flashing is the best way to tell if they have any issues or not, as they should be sealed tightly and no cracks or crevices anywhere.

If you’ve noticed your commercial roof having any of these problems listed above, then calling a professional commercial roofing company will help you eliminate these problems and prevent them from coming back if they’re properly repaired. These problems can happen to any commercial roof, so taking precaution and trying to prevent these problems from happening is the best route to go. If you’re still unsure if your commercial roof has a problem that needs to be fixed, then have a professional roofing inspection done just to be sure.

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