Do Houses Need Gutters or Are They Just Another Added Expense That Can be Removed?

Gutters serve a lot when it comes to keeping your home protected. Many homeowners tend to believe they don’t do much but redirect water to keep your yard from becoming a mud pool. While this is true, it’s also not true, gutters redirect water away from your home but for many other reasons as well. If you’re curious do houses need gutters we’ll take a closer look in this post to help.

Water can be a very damaging aspect to your home’s roof, siding, and foundation, so redirecting that water away from them will help prolong the life of each of those aspects, preventing damage from occurring out of nowhere to ensure your home is in tip top shape.

Of course just like your roof and siding, your gutter systems also requires regular maintenance to perform at their best. Cleaning your gutters is also crucial to keeping water flowing properly and not overflowing from your gutters, which could cause the roof of your home to see problems, along with exterior siding problems.

It’s highly advised that you have your gutters repaired whenever a problem occurs, as neglecting repairs can ultimately lead to failure of other aspects of your home like your roof. We’re going to explain to you why gutters are crucial for your home and what they do to help your home.

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Your Gutters Help Your Roof

Gutters are a great way to help protect the roof of your home, with redirecting water away from your home and roof, you’ll see a better chance of your home’s roof reaching the end of it’s lifespan due to less problems that can occur from water damages like roof leaks. Of course gutters do require maintenance, and failing to properly maintain your gutters could result in roof damages like clogged up gutters forming pools of water that can sit on the edge of your home’s roof and cause problems to your asphalt shingles. But if you take care of your gutter system and keep it properly maintained, you’ll see a more healthy roof in the long run.

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Your Gutters Help Your Exterior Siding

Just like we’ve mentioned above, your gutters also help your home’s exterior siding in many ways. Your siding is built to be durable and protect your home from rain, but that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable. With extra protection, you’ll end up seeing less problems occur from the siding of your home, meaning you won’t have to worry about foundation problems or mold and mildew from forming behind your exterior siding.

Gutters Will Prevent Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can be extremely expensive and unsafe, that’s why gutters are great for preventing foundation problems. Whenever water runs off from your roof into your yard, it can lead to shifting soil. This can ultimately lead to your foundation having problems such as cracking, which can be very unsafe and very expensive to have repaired, so having gutters will best help prevent this from happening by redirecting water away from your yard and home’s foundation and into a garden or driveway.

How To Properly Maintain Your Gutters

Gutter maintenance is very important to allow water flowing properly, if your gutters are having problems that need to be repaired, then hire a professional to have any problems repaired before they begin to affect other things such as your home’s roof and exterior siding. If they’re clogged up, you should clean them out to ensure water can flow properly. Here’s how you clean your gutters properly below.

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Clean Out Any Debris

Debris can begin clogging your gutters regularly, so cleaning them is important. First step is cleaning out all of the big types of debris such as leaves and twigs.

Rinse Your Gutters

Grab a water hose with a high pressure spraying nozzle and start rinsing out your gutter system, this will loosen any debris that may have been stuck to your gutters channels.

Do An Inspection on your Gutters and Roof

While you’re up at gutter level, it’s a great time to inspect them as well as inspecting your home’s roof for any potential damage. If there is, contact a professional to have it repaired.

Gutters are great for keeping your home at tip top shape to protect you from various harsh elements, without gutters you could find yourself stuck in tons of problems with all of the aspects of your home, so hiring a professional to have gutters installed on your home is highly recommended.

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