Gutter Not Draining? Top 4 Problems With Gutter Systems With Solutions

A gutter system is often required for every home, since it helps keep water away from important aspects like your homes exterior and yard. When you have a gutter not draining then your gutter system has a problem, there’s room for problems to occur to other things such as your homes roof.

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Gutter Not Draining? Top 4 Problems With Gutter Systems With Solutions

This can be a headache for homeowners who care deeply about keeping their roof in the best condition possible to continue protecting their home from bad weather. If you’ve recently found problems with your gutter system or just want to know what potential common gutter problems are so you can solve them, then you’re definitely on the right page to do so.

What To Do When You Have a Gutter Not Draining?

Gutter problems can vary in different ways, from minor to severe. Regardless of the difference, gutter problems should be fixed as soon as you can, this way you can avoid any potential damage that could become worse if your gutter system isn’t properly maintained. When a problem occurs, not every homeowner is experienced enough with being able to fix said problem so hiring a professional to deal with your gutter problem could be beneficial to you as it will ensure you won’t see any damage recur if the repair isn’t done properly.

If you want to do a few repairs by yourself, then this list will tell you the top 4 problems with gutter systems, and we’ll go over the solutions of what steps you can take as well as any components your gutters need in order to function properly.

Gutter Not Draining? Top 4 Problems With Gutter Systems With Solutions

Gutters Are Clogging Up

Gutters can become clogged up naturally and cause damage if they’re left unattended and not cleaned out. Areas that suffer from close by trees typically experience this problem a lot. Leaves, twigs, and other types of debris can start piling up in your gutters and stop proper water flow. Typically, there will be standing water in the gutters and debris which usually causes the clogged gutters.

Solution: This problem is typically the most simplest, just a regular clean should free up this problem from happening. However, in worst case scenarios, debris can become wet and damp, leaving you to clean it out by hand and dispose of it in a trash bag, it can get pretty dirty. If you’re not prompt on cleaning out your gutters, hiring an roof cleaning expert to clean them out for you is usually done at a fair price. Gutter guards can help to prevent debris clogging up your gutters and downspouts.

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Sagging Gutters

Gutters that begin to sag are typically a sign that clogged up gutters and trapped rainwater have accumulated so much that it’s put too much weight on your gutters. This can be a problem since water will stay in one spot and not flow to your downspout, putting more and more pressure on that area until it eventually collapses.

Solution: There’s a chance that you could just repair that one section of your gutter system, depending on the damage. However this should be done by a professional to ensure it’s not misaligned with the rest of your gutter system.

Cracked Gutters

Gutters are designed to allow water to flow to the downspout and away from your home, however with cracks in your gutter system, it defeats the purpose and starts causing damage to your homes foundation.

Solution: Depending on the cracks in your gutter system, some smaller cracks can be dealt with by using a sealant to seal them up, however multiple and bigger cracks may need to be repaired properly by a professional or replaced all together.

Wild Animals Appearing

Wild animals can appear around and in your gutters a lot depending on the environment you’re in, if your gutters are clogged up, bugs like mosquitos will hang around which can be annoying. Animals like raccoons and birds can nest in your gutter system, causing blockage.

Solution: This should be dealt with by a professional to remove any types of animals, however cleaning out your gutter system typically gets rid of them as they won’t have any water built up to hang out around. Other animals should be dealt with by professionals only.

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Your gutter system does a lot more for your home than you think, allowing water to go away from your homes exterior and foundation greatly prolongs the lifespan of it, but when water and other things such as animals start to barge in your home, you could find yourself in a world of problems. Keeping up with gutter maintenance is the first step for keeping a long life with your gutter system.

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