How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned? [Gutter Cleaning 101]

Gutters are essential in having a healthy home that functions properly, gutters are there to help in conjunction with your roof and home’s siding, so if you have problems with your gutter system, expect problems from other aspects of your home as well.

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So, How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutters are designed to redirect water away from your home into a downspout, which helps keep your roof and home’s siding dry from the water that could cause them problems. But gutters do require cleaning, which will need to be done by the homeowner.

If you don’t have clean gutters the water can start to back up due to clogged gutters on your home. When this happens it can lead to all sorts of problems such as fascia board damage, foundation damage, and even roof damages.

When Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Gutter cleaning has always been recommended to be done 2 times a year, but this is just a professional’s estimate, this number can change completely depending on where you’re located. And if you are attempting to clean the gutters yourself, the amount of time can change drastically depending on the difficulty of the project.

If you’re living in an area where trees are surrounding your home, then you’re most likely going to be cleaning your gutters more than 2 times a year due to twigs, leaves, and other debris clogging them up and have the gutter not draining as it should. If you’re located in an area that gets pretty cold, you could also find yourself cleaning them out as they can become frozen more frequently.

Should You Hire A Professional To Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts?

This one is completely up to you and how you decide is up to you. If you’re in an area that is mainly raining or wet outside, then cleaning your gutters can be pretty dangerous since you’ll have to be on top of a ladder the whole time. So it may be recommended to hire a professional to clean your gutters.

Cleaning your gutters isn’t a tough chore at all, but it can get you dirty and be a bit dangerous, so you’ll have to decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional. While a single story home can be dangerous to clean the gutters yourself, when it comes to multi level homes, having your gutters cleaned by a professional is recommended.

Here’s How You Should Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is pretty simple for the most part, but making sure you’re ready to take on this task will be up to you. Be prepared to get dirty while cleaning your gutter system. Here are some tips to help keep your gutters clear:

Here’s How You Should Clean Your Gutters

Removing Debris from the Gutters

Debris can build up in your gutters and over time make your gutter system clogged up, so the first action to take is cleaning all of the debris out of your gutters. You can either do this by hand or use a gardening tool to help lift debris from your gutters. We suggest taking a trash bag up the ladder with you to dispose of the debris instead of throwing it in your yard.

Rinse Your Gutters And Downspout

Grab a hose with a nozzle that can spray, then start spraying your gutters to get any type of stuck debris from your gutters. Keep doing this until your gutters are fairly clean from any debris that might have been stuck to the walls and such. Then, start spraying your downspout, from the top towards the bottom. After that, go from the top up, remove the elbow of your downspout so no debris gets stuck on it once you start spraying.

There are also extension wands that are designed to help rinse the gutters from the ground level. This can help make the task of cleaning your gutters much safer. Here are some gutter cleaning tools that can be used from the ground level:

Go Ahead And Do An Inspection

While you’re already up the ladder cleaning your gutters, it’s also a great idea to go ahead and do a gutter and roof inspection. Look at your gutter system and see if there’s any holes or rusted spots, also check if your gutter system is still properly connected to your fascia.

Checking the edge of your roof for any water damaged spots or problems will also be beneficial to any potential problems that may have occurred, so you’ll be able to fix them before they become any worse. If there is any problems you’ll need to get gutter repair done as soon as possible before any damage occurs.

Have A Professional Inspection Done

Professional inspections are a great way to determine if your gutter system needs to be replaced. If your gutters have problems, there’s really no reason to keep cleaning them as they’re already facing problems. It’s always recommended that you do inspections regularly, but there’s a good chance a professional could see something wrong since they have the experience and skills needed to work on gutters.

Gutter cleaning is necessary to keeping your gutters in good shape as well as keeping water flowing properly. If water isn’t flowing properly, it can start to cause problems to not only your gutter system but also your home’s roof and exterior siding, so don’t neglect cleaning your gutters ever.

Install Gutter Guards on Your Home’s Gutters

Another way to keep from the constant need for a cleaning gutter project is to install guards that keep leaves and debris out of the gutters. There are several options when it comes to gutter leaves guard.

Here are a few options that are available from Amazon listed below.

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