Have a Leaking Skylight in Your Home? Here’s How to Deal With It

Skylights bring a massive amount of benefits to your home, skylights are great for rooms with dark lighting which can be solved by allowing natural light to come in from your skylight. They can also help lower your energy bill by not having to use much lighting and heating or cooling in rooms they’re installed in, all in all they’re a great way to bring lots of great benefits to your home.

Skylights just like many other things, can have issues and problems occur out of nowhere, leaving you stuck wondering how a problem came and figuring out what damage it’s doing to your roof. Not only that but you may have a leaking skylight along with problems on the roof. We’ll take a closer look at common problems and solutions for a leaking skylight.

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When it comes to a skylight leaking, you have to consider what caused it and what has it damaged already. If it’s a new roof leak then you should have the leak repaired by a professional quickly before the skylight itself starts damaging your roof. Skylights can be installed on a flat roof, shingle roof, or metal roof. Also, if you’ve recently had a roof replacement done, the roofer should have resealed the skylight to prevent any leaks.

Of course skylights can have problems like anything else, but taking the right precautions will best help prevent any damage from happening to your roofs, home, and skylight. This article will help you better understand how a skylight leakage could happen and how you can fix it. Proper roof maintenance can also help to find problems with the skylight and get it repaired before it starts leaking.

Why Your Skylight Is Leaking:

Why Your Skylight Is Leaking

Improper Installation of the Skylight or Surrounding Seals

This is by far the most common issue when it comes to skylight leaks. Skylight installation is definitely not an easy job and it requires a trained professional to execute it properly. If anything is done improperly, your skylight could face many problems including roof leaks around the skylight.

If you’ve recently had your skylight installed and it’s beginning to leak, then it’s most likely caused by an improper installation. If you’ve had the skylight for a while and the leak has just occurred, then it could be another issue. Sometimes this issue can be repaired with a simple fix such as roofing cement or clear silicone.

Skylight Flashing Has Been Damaged

Flashing is used on your roof around aspects such as your chimney, pipe drains, ventilations, and your skylight in some cases. They’re metal sheets that are connected to your roofing system with sealant, they’re meant to keep water from seeping into the crevices around these aspects.

However, the flashing on your skylight can become damaged or the sealant has become old and began to deteriorate, regardless of what happened to the flashing, it can certainly spring a leak. Inspecting your flashing is a great way to tell if that’s the cause of your skylight leak or not.

A common problem with the sealant around skylights is weather cracks. As the sealant heats up and cools off it becomes more brittle and will crack. Once it starts cracking it will spread and eventually the seal around the skylight will fail resulting in a leaky skylight.

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Your Glass Has Cracked

Since your skylight is on top of your roof, there is a slight chance that the glass panes have cracked which is allowing water to seep in. This is definitely something that can happen especially if you live in an area with trees around. Debris like twigs or even falling branches can crack your glass panes if they’re big enough.

Another element that could crack your glass panes is hail, with large enough hail at high speeds from hail storms, you could find your skylight with a broken glass pane surely. The glazing around the windows can also be cracked and allowing water inside the skylight. Try to find the highest point where the leak is at for signs of problems.

Your Weep Holes Are Clogging Up

Whenever your skylights weep holes are beginning to clog up, you can find pools of water forming around your skylight, this can cause damage to your flashing and roof which can ultimately allow water to come into your roof over time. This can also cause your skylight to become a greenish tint from algae and sitting water on the skylight.

What To Do When Your Skylight Is Leaking?

Call A Professional Roofer

Whenever your skylight starts to leak, you have to consider that damage is going to happen if you don’t act right away. The first thing you should do is grab a bucket and catch wherever it’s leaking at and then call a professional to come and repair your skylight.

We highly suggest you not to try and DIY as it could result in even worse damage or constant problems as working with a skylight has to be very precise to prevent issues from reoccurring. If you’re comfortable going onto your roof and resealing the skylight, this may be an option for you but it can be very dangerous and is usually done from the outside of the home.

Skylight leaks can happen anytime and it’s best to know what is causing it so you can take precaution to prevent it from happening again. Skylights do require maintenance and you’ll need to properly maintain your skylight to ensure it doesn’t get into bad condition, at that point problems will begin pouring in and you’ll probably feel overwhelmed.

Problems that occur should be fixed relatively quickly as they can begin damaging other aspects of your home such as your roof and the structure of your home over time. If you need skylight repair or replacement on your home be sure to fill in the form below to get connected with qualified local roofing contractors and get a free quote!

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