Tar and Gravel Roof Maintenance Tips to Extend Their Lifespan

Do you have a commercial building with tar and gravel roofing? This type of roof is popular among commercial buildings and can be expensive to replace. Here are some tips on tar and gravel roof maintenance that can help you get the most from your tar and gravel roofing.

As business owners, you want top-quality at a minimal cost. Tar and gravel roof provide just this and more. It’s durable and does not lose out in the aesthetic department. That is, your client will see your commercial roof and be impressed with the whole building as a whole.  Being cheap, it doesn’t lose in outlook and quality. Tar and gravel are the most recommended for both commercial and personal home buildings.

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What is a Tar and Gravel Roof?

Tar and gravel roof is the addition of 3-6 laminated layers produced from asphalt-based sheets. It includes hot tar and a top layer of gravel to protect the roof from damage. It needs constant supervision at least once a year. The gravel is there to protect the primary roof from the elements. It is used to add weight to the roof ceiling and lasts for about 2o-25yrs. This roof has been installed on commercial buildings since 100yrs back.

This roof style is used for over 100yrs on commercial buildings. This attests to how excellent it is for a commercial building. However, as the building has a long lifespan, it needs maintenance to keep it in good condition. It may develop a leak along the year. Then you have to call the maintenance guys. I say, maintenance guy, because you may want to do it yourself. It’s better to leave the maintenance to the professionals with all their safety gadgets in place.

Maintenance for a Tar and Gravel Roof

Contact professionals in the field of commercial roofing maintenance for your care. They can help you retain its peak condition. They ensure it is clean, with no rotting organisms, moss, or algae growing on it.  Experienced maintenance workers will bring their experience to fix your roof. Additionally, you can add these features over time. If you want to put wirings through it or you want to pass a pipe. For all these new installations, call companies that deal in this kind of job. You will have everything done for you correctly. If you tried doing it yourself, you may bother it up and damage something. You could also seriously injure yourself, so get a phone call now and call the maintenance company stating your problem to them.

Check your roof for wear, weak seams every year. For your roof to last longer, you should take proper care of it. The roof collects leaves and other particles after some time. It would help if you cleaned every year to ensure there is no residue or damaging substance that can accumulate on the roof. This procedure helps your tar and gravel roof last longer. More frequent checkups are better than fewer ones.’ The more, the better is the saying. You can also call in the maintenance guys to check it out for you. They ensure there is no leak or any damage. You also have to make sure, when doing a check-up, no place can develop damage before the next checkup.

If you want to buy a new house or commercial building, you should go to the roof and check any cracks and weak areas. From the level of damage there and see if it’s still worth buying. If you feel it’s still worth your investment, you have to clean any particles from a flat roof with rakes, leaf blowers to pack the unwanted particles together and dump them in a bin for proper disposal.

After you have done this primary type of cleaning, you will move to the intensive chemical cleaning method. You can use fungicide such as ROTban. It is a scientific method to do away with dirt, stains, Moss, Fungus, Algae, etc.. You don’t even have to do much work. Just apply the chemical, and the small pest plants and tiny organisms will be destroyed. They will lose the ability to regrow and spend for a couple of years to come.

How Do I Find a Leak in My Roof?

It’s hard to determine if there is a strain, wear, or leakage on the roof due to the gravel layers covering it. You will have to remove all the gravel to look for possible damages. It can be removed with a shovel or more modern means. But, it’s best to invite professionals to do the job for you. You get a clean, well-maintained roof at little cost. Trust me, the service you will be getting is well worth it.

At this point, you should start considering installing a new roof. If the leak becomes too frequent, it means the roof is not as strong as it once was. The life span of your roof has come to an end. You should seek the opinion of a professional. They will inform you if the roof needs some little repairs or if it’s Time for a change.

Why is Tar and Gravel on My Roof?

Does your commercial building roof have tar and gravel on It? The gravel protects your building from harmful UV rays. Its coating on the roofs reflects sunlight. The gravel is fundamentally cool to the touch, and it doesn’t absolve sunlight heat. This helps it retain its original coolness. Your home is thus able to remain cool at all times

Did you buy a building and find tar and gravel on its roof? Don’t worry, and it’s cool. It’s the standard roofing used for most commercial buildings out there. You should make sure to check the roof before buying. You don’t want to buy something not worth its salt. Check the level of damage on the roof and how much maintenance costs for that amount of damage. If it’s still worth purchasing for you, then you are good to go

When Should I Replace My Roof?

So, your roof has been there for some time. It’s got a couple of damages here and there over the years—multiple maintenance checks. You are not wondering when you should replace your roof. Generally, tar and gravel roofs last 20-25 yrs, 25-30 with proper maintenance.

For maximum use, you should wait for the given time range to replace your roof. It helps you divert your budget to more demanding sectors. However, if you feel like changing the roof because you want a fresh, new look, it’s cool. If the roof did not receive proper maintenance or was damaged by natural or human-made disasters, you should change your roof to a newer one.

Advantages of Tar and Gravel Roof

Advantages of Tar and Gravel Roof

Tar and gravel roof is favored by commercial building owners for some qualities it possesses over other types of roof. And they still perceive these advantages over 100yrs.


It is very pocket-friendly and lasts the most. Its installation cost is meager. You don’t have to maintain it too frequently. Its long 20-25 can be further improved to 30 yrs, with good maintenance from professionals. from the installation to the cost of the materials all are easy to procure.

Easy installation

Materials needed for tar and gravel is

easy to get. It doesn’t take time for it to be installed. Make sure you don’t attempt to do it on your own. Professionals will have the gadgets and know-how to work on it with the most minimal risk.


Its ability to withstand pressure, wear, and tear is impressive. It is hard to damage this roof compared to other roofs, and considering the price. The bitumen layers protect your roof from damage. It’s still very tough when you are not careful with it. All these qualities have made it a roof commonly used on commercial buildings. This is because it suits businessmen desire to have quality at a lower price.

Problems a Tar and Gravel Roof May Display

Despite its popularity among business owners, it has its fair share of its problems. It will be a magical roof, of course, if it doesn’t come with any situation. There is no such good thing in the world. This roof comes with its problems such as:

 It Is Heavy

You add tar coating with the different layers used to make the roof. Add gravel and the asphalt used in production, and you have got one heavy roof. It weighs down on the roof. The heaviness does not undermine the building and make it unsafe. It’s still heavy when compared with other roofs.

Stone breaks down

The gravel is in its best condition when it’s in the right shape it came with. However, The gravel breaks down into smaller pieces with time. The breakdown prevents the gravel from doing an excellent job of protecting the roof or redirecting sunlight to make the building. Gravel breaks down as a result of too much weight on it. The weight comes about due to people walking over the travels or heavy stuff being dragged over it. It’s for the best if ordinary people can be refrained from going to the roof or any stuff being dumped there.

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